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Al Jaber Piling offers full-service solutions for deep foundation requirements, with a focus on safety, improving schedule performance, assessing clients’ goals, minimizing risks, and ensuring quality construction. Our experience and ingenuity separate us as the industry leader in the following services:

Al Jaber Piling holds substantial stock of segmental casing in various sizes along with cutting heads, casing drivers and extractors to suit. Our fleet of high torque rotary drill rigs and vibro-hammers gives us the ability to install segmental casing to depths up to 40m (dependent on ground conditions) to overcome any soft ground conditions encountered.


- Bored Pile (Continuous Flight Auger Drilling Method)
* Al Jaber Piling CFA range offers the following advantages
* Diameters from 450 to 900mm
* Depths up to 28m
* Able to carry high load/ shear/ moment capacity
* Low noise and vibration
* Speed of installation
- Bored Pile (Kelly Drilling Method)
- Micro Pile
- Bell Bucket Pile
- Box Pile
- Driven Pile

Over Many years of experience and through extensive Research and Development we have accumulated a range of high strength drilling equipment including rock augers, rock roller bits and core barrels, which enables us to take on small or large projects for any diameter of drilling in high strength rock.

When excavating through soft, weak or unstable ground a means of temporary stabilization of the soils is needed. Al Jaber Piling has wide experience in the use of temporary and permanent steel casings for bore hole support. Such casings can be installed using casing drivers or vibrators.


- Contiguous Bored Pile Wall
- Secant Pile Wall
- Sheet Pile Wall
- H- Beam wall
- Jet Grouted wall
- Ground Anchor
- Soldier Wall


- Caissons Wall
- Cofferdams Wall
- Combi-Wall
- Dolphins
- Quay Walls


- Well Point System
- Deep Well System